Have you thought about changing your energy supplier?

We all want to reduce out energy consumption, if not for environmental reasons, but for financial reasons. With industry experts predicting energy prices to rise substantially, there’s an added incentive to reduce consumption. I performed a review of my energy suppliers creating a net saving of £62 per annum for swapping to a more environmentally conscious and ethical energy suppliers.

Don’t’ we deserve a city free from litter?

Don’t’ we deserve a city free from litter?
Clean streets benefit all businesses. Will we keep attracting tourists if they are greeted with litter? Will we keep our Green city image?
I believe that as a business we have a responsibility to ensure the environment in which we operate is not negatively impacted by our trade.

‘Green’ Data Security

Have you considered the environmental impact of your antivirus and on-line backup software? We all need to protect the information we use to run our businesses. But is there a 'Green' option?

The true cost of transport

Almost all businesses use transport of some kind, whether it’s to transport products, to meet clients, or for commutes to work. The true environmental impact of your business takes in all these areas. With the price of fuel at the pumps on a steady increase, it doesn’t matter what your views on climate change are, the fact we are reliant on an expensive resource we have very limited control over, is worrying for us all.

Craker Business Solutions’ Carbon Footprint Take Two

Craker Business Solutions has generated 0.21 tonnes of CO2 in the last 6 months (although this is only the part I’ve been able to measure). 1 tonne is 556m3 which is approximately the volume of a 3 bedroom house. So imagine that house has 6 rooms, in 6 months my business has pumped out enough CO2 to fill say the small third bedroom.

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