(Last Updated On: 14th March 2012)

It’s Day 3 of Climate Week. And we’re almost half way through our week of Blogs to celebrate Britain’s biggest climate change campaign.

Today we thought we’d share 3 Quick Wins, to make your business better and combat climate change too.

1 – Provide Clients and Staff with better food

The production of food is a key contributor to climate change. But we love food. Have you ever tried to motivate staff by bringing in chocolate or cakes or taking them out for a drink at the end of a project? Food motivates.

You could improve your client’s and staff’s perception of your business and what it stands for by stocking fair trade, local, or/and organic produce in your canteen, coffee machines, kitchens, tuck trolley, and meeting rooms.

If you meet with clients in coffee shops, then pick from Brighton and Hove’s many independent cafes which stock local, fair trade and/organic food and drinks.

Good quality produce is not only tastier, but healthier too.  Healthier equals happier.

HiSbe’s website has some basic tips to help you stock the best food.

2 – Paper

Almost all of us use paper to some extent. If you’re not running a paperless office then here are some things you can do:

I'm the muddy one to the right after a long day volunteering in the Amazon
Manu Biosphere Reserve Peru
  • Pre-set the printers to print double sided. This saves staff having to change the settings and so more staff will print double sided.
  • Invest in FSC paper – and even better 100% recycled. I love the Evolve range for its high quality finish, perfect for business. Why not stock a thinner paper e.g. 80gsm for everyday printing and 120gsm for client documents? Or try the Save! Paper range at 65gsm.
  • Put a Scrap Paper tray next to the printer. So if you print something one sided and no longer need it, someone else can use the reverse.
  • Install recycle bins next to printers.
  • Put up ‘Think before you print’ posters, or something more inspiring; beautiful pictures of the Amazon.
  • Make sure printers are a short walk from desks, people think twice about printing if they have to get up to get the print out!

3 – Electricity Bills

Electricity is expensive. Have you already implemented the following:

  • Turn off all lights and computers at the end of the day?
  • Automatic power down on printers after a period of no-use or at the end of the day?
  • Smart switches to turn off a bulk of equipment at once?
  • Pre-set computers to go into power saving mode on a shorter time setting?
  • Installed an electricity monitor to see what parts of your business use the most electricity?
  • Considered moving desks around, so staff can benefit from natural light for longer in the day?
  • Installed LED lightbulbs?

Could you implement one of these this week, and be part of Climate Change Week?

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