Craker Business Solutions’ Carbon Footprint Take Two

Craker Business Solutions has generated 0.21 tonnes of CO2 in the last 6 months (although this is only the part I’ve been able to measure). 1 tonne is 556m3 which is approximately the volume of a 3 bedroom house. So imagine that house has 6 rooms, in 6 months my business has pumped out enough CO2 to fill say the small third bedroom.

My Ethical Policies – How I’ve tried to make a small difference?

One of the key reason’s why I wanted to set up my business was to run it in line with my values and beliefs. I wanted to engage with the wider community to raise awareness of ethical and environmental issues, the role of financial management in helping a business to meet its aim, and in younger generations the importance of financial management and careers in finance. Here is my story so far. I challenge you to help break the divide between ‘social enterprise’ and ‘business’ – surely they needn’t be mutually exclusive?

Craker Business Solutions’ Carbon Footprint:

When planning to start my business I identified the inputs needed to run a small local accountancy practice. For each of these, I researched suppliers who put their environmental impact top of their agenda. By selecting suppliers who have reduced their carbon emissions I too reduce my business’ overall carbon footprint. However, there were many areas in my business where I could directly reduce my emissions. This is my story to date, including calculations of Craker Business Solutions' carbon footprint.