Don’t’ we deserve a city free from litter?

Don’t’ we deserve a city free from litter?
Clean streets benefit all businesses. Will we keep attracting tourists if they are greeted with litter? Will we keep our Green city image?
I believe that as a business we have a responsibility to ensure the environment in which we operate is not negatively impacted by our trade.

‘Green’ Data Security

Have you considered the environmental impact of your antivirus and on-line backup software? We all need to protect the information we use to run our businesses. But is there a 'Green' option?

Craker Business Solutions’ Carbon Footprint:

When planning to start my business I identified the inputs needed to run a small local accountancy practice. For each of these, I researched suppliers who put their environmental impact top of their agenda. By selecting suppliers who have reduced their carbon emissions I too reduce my business’ overall carbon footprint. However, there were many areas in my business where I could directly reduce my emissions. This is my story to date, including calculations of Craker Business Solutions' carbon footprint.