(Last Updated On: 13th June 2012)

I’ve written a guest blog for the Chamber of Commerce.  The blog; “How we went from an idea on the back of an envelope to Sussex’s largest community energy scheme” tells the story of Brighton Energy Coop since I first got involved in August 2010 – nearly 2 years ago!

It’s been a fascinating experience, I’ve learned more than I ever thought I’d need to know about renewable energy! But I’ve also learned the nity gritty about FITs, raising money from communities, legal structures, and the tax treatment of a new niche industry.

There’s been two key highlights for me:

I’ve helped create an organisation where the social and environmental benefits are just as important as the financial ones.  That’s the reason I’ve bought £400 of shares and provided nearly £5,000 of free work to the Co-op.

Second, it’s been a fantastic opportunity to work with inspiring people, and together we’ve enabled members of our community to take action — to install renewable energy in our city, which our community owns.

Brighton Energy Coop has raised £120,000, with work underway at Shoreham Port. But the Coop is looking for a further £65,000 to complete the first portfolio of solar installations.  Have a read, and get involved.

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