(Last Updated On: 2nd February 2011)

It’s been six months since I last told the world how much carbon my business had pumped into the atmosphere.  You can find out how I measure my carbon emissions and some of the things I do to cut my emissions in my previous blog; Craker Business Soluions’ Carbon Footprint.

The data has been crunched and here are the results:

Scope Emissions in CO2e tonnes6 Months to 31 December 2010 Emissions in CO2e tonnes6 Months to 30 June 2010
Scope 1

  • Natural Gas

  • 0.12

  • 0.12
Scope 2

  • Purchased Electricity

Note: I have opted for a hydro-electricity supplier, hence these emissions are those which would have been incurred if I opted for fossil fuel powered electricity.


  • 0.44

  • 0.44
Scope 3

  • Business travel, including, train, bus, taxis, and car share.

  • 0.09

  • 0.11

 So that looks pretty consistent, but you might say – “shouldn’t you be aiming to cut your emissions?”

I started on day 1 with the aim of keeping my businesses impact on the environment to a minimum, so I’ve already put in place many energy saving practices. Also my energy and travel emissions have been stable or falling whilst my business has been growing, so emissions per pound of turnover have actually fallen. But that won’t stop me going further!

I’ve identified areas I can make further improvements and some of these cost money. For example; upgrading the boiler and putting in secondary glazing. So whilst I save up, I’ve draft proofed the office (DIY style) to hopefully keep the heat in and the cold out. I’ve also identified a great opportunty to offset my remaining emissions by investing in Brighton Energy Coop – creating new renewable energy.

So Craker Business Solutions has generated 0.21 tonnes of CO2 in the last 6 months (although this is only the part I’ve been able to measure).  1 tonne is 556m3 which is approximately the volume of a 3 bedroom house. So imagine that house has 6 rooms, in 6 months my business has pumped out enough CO2 to fill say the small third bedroom. 

I won’t get into why this is bad, but I do want to mention why it’s important to report the amount of carbon my business emits.  If we measure it, we can’t deny it, and we will do something to change it. I am an accountant after all – measuring is in my blood!

A recent survey reported in Accountancy found that 73% of UK organisations with a turnover of more than £25m are working towards specific carbon-reduction targets in 2011 (up from 53% in 2008). Then I think of all the small businesses I’ve met this last year, how many of them report their emissions or talk actively about what they do to reduce their impact on the environment???

There are many on-line tools you can use, and I think the 10:10 campaign is a good place to start. 

I also like this blog which has some quick wins: Ten Ways to Go Green.

Please add recommendations for tools you use to measure your emissions.

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