Craker Business Solutions Environmental Report March 2018 Yr End

(Last Updated On: 13th November 2018)

We recognise that the planet is fragile and that as people and a business, we have a duty to care for it. We work to have a positive impact on our planet.

This is part of the Mission of our business. And we collate an annual report on what we have done. We’re accountants at the end of the day, we like facts and numbers….

Our report covers these key areas:

Our Carbon Footprint, Waste and Suppliers.

Carbon Footprint

We aim to measure and take action to reduce the carbon footprint of our business.

A summary of our Carbon Emission broken down by the GHG Protocol definitions is below:

Scope Emissions in CO2e tonnes
Scope 1 (energy use and car use)

Natural Gas

Car Travel




Scope 2

Purchased Electricity



Scope 3

Other Business travel, including, train, bus, taxis, and car share.




The total emissions of our business were 1.14 CO2e tonnes for the year ending 31 March 2018.

To put this into context a return flight from Gatwick to Glasgow would create 0.26 tonnes per seat. So our business has emitted as much carbon in an entire year as just under 5 flights to Glasgow and back.

In everything we do, we consider ‘is that the right way to do business’. And a key part of that is the environment, and carbon emissions. So from the get go, 9 years ago, we’ve structured the business to keep carbon low. And as we grow we find new challenges and opportunities to do business better.

Our business is built on a remote working model whereby we all work from our own homes. This removes a central office’s emissions and also the dreaded commute to work.

Our employees are encouraged to use renewable tariffs for their home energy, which again keeps emissions low.

We have a travel policy which promotes low energy use: we walk, cycle or take public transport where possible. And our aim is to keep travel and mileage down to a minimum, we conduct as many meetings through Skype, Zoom or via telephone calls as possible. But sometimes face to face is important, so we will always try to consolidate our schedule so that we can keep our mileage as low as possible. And as we recognise the need for the team to get to together, we hold monthly team meetings in a central location where we will car share and take public transport.

We also seek to work with local clients to minimise business miles. And as we’ve grown to a client base around the UK we harness cloud technologies and communications to keep business miles down.  

And for the carbon emissions that we couldn’t avoid we have offset them using and their UK Tree Planting programme.

In the coming year, we are looking at how we can use public transport better, as the team expands we need to continuously re challenge ourselves on new ways to get around and to ask ourselves is this the best way to have that meeting or collaborate on that project?

We will also be working with our team to see if they can all get onto renewable energy tariffs by April 2019.



Our commitment is to Manage waste generated from our business applying the mantra; reduce, reuse & recycle.

We run a paperless office so very little waste is generated. It can be quite a change for new team members to move paperless, so we share tips and tricks to help with the transition. For example, using apps and notes features on our laptops.

Where paper is needed, we only buy 100% recycled paper and envelopes.

All paper waste is shredded and then recycled. Or occasionally burnt in the fire during those cold winter months.

When it comes to equipment, one computer came to the end of it’s life with us.  After researching how to clean up a Mac, we were able to sell it onto a new home.

We’ve identified one area we aren’t great at yet – and that’s tea! We drink a lot of tea and coffee. We want to look at ways to compost those tea bags and encourage the team to get on board.


Supplier review

We try to find suppliers which meet our ethical and environmental ethos whilst balancing that with supporting local businesses. We aim to Buy local, recycled or reused materials where possible.

We aim each year to refresh our supplier reviews for ongoing suppliers and to review new suppliers.  

Although, we do ask ourselves, do we want to buy from this company? In the year to 31.3.18 we didn’t meet this goal of reviewing our ongoing suppliers.

We have made it a priority in this next year to review our ongoing suppliers and to compile some new preferred suppliers too.


We hope this snapshot of what we’ve done has been a useful insight into how we live up to what we stand for. And we hope it could in some tiny way nudge you to think you could do this too. Or maybe you have some ideas of how we could do this better, then please let us know.


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