(Last Updated On: 24th March 2013)

We’ve emerged from the cold winter, full of enthusiasm for spring and the new tax year. Looking back; We can be proud we finished all our client’s tax returns a few days before the 31 January deadline! After using Xero accounting software for a few years, we’ve now become a Xero certified partner. Xero is a cloud based accounting software we recommend to our clients. I think of it as accounting software written for people who know nothing about accounting, but it has all the features businesses need to manage their finances. You may have seen us at the latest Green Chamber Collective event, “Why Fair Trade, is it fair?”. Danni helped organise and host the event earlier in March. Danni and Bryan Vannaman from Lightfoot LED quizzed the 3 panelists before opening up to the floor for questions. The panelists views sparked much debate, but what we took away was that fair trade is fair for everyone involved, its a viable business model, from crafts and clothing to footballs.

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