(Last Updated On: 24th May 2012)

It’s been a busy two months for us. Many of our client’s have hit their 31 March year ends, we’ve completed all year end Payroll, and signed up new clients! Even more excitingly, Danni Craker, whose been working behind the scenes of the Green Chamber Collective, has been voted onto the Executive Committee of the Brighton and Hove Chamber of Commerce.

Danni said; “I hope that by being a part of the Executive Committee I can contribute to the Chamber’s success and assist the Chamber in developing opportunities for ethical and eco businesses”.

Another big event of the month was Brighton Energy Co-op’s share launch. We’ve worked with Brighton Energy Co-op for nearly 2 years, and provided nearly £5,000 of probono support to date. Please read more about the share launch and support our city’s first community owned renewable energy project. Over the next month, you’ll see Danni running a seminar at the Eco Tech Show, and supporting the Sustainable Sussex Forum at the Railway Land Festival. Lastly, Enjoy the sun and the upcoming Jubilee weekend.

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