(Last Updated On: 4th April 2012)

Are you going through year end payroll and wondered what all those forms meant?

Here’s a snap shot:

  • P11—this is what you, complete throughout the year showing who has been paid what.
  • P30B—these are the forms you send to HMRC monthly or quarterly with payment of any PAYE/NIC and Student Loan deductions. Or you may pay online, and that online payment is equivalent to the P30 form. You can use a form P32 to summarise the payments you make.
  • P14—this form summa-rises for each employee their pay and deductions at the end of the tax year.
  • P35—this form summa-rises all the P14s for the employer.
  • P60—this form is similar to the P14, but is given to each employee so they have a record of what they were paid.
  • P11D—this form is completed at year end and states the taxable benefits each employee has received.

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