GDPR – what we’ve been doing

(Last Updated On: 23rd May 2018)

I know, I know, another communication about GDPR. Your inbox, like ours, has probably been filed with GDPR over the last month. So we’ll keep this short and sweet.


As an accountancy firm, data protection is fundamental to what we do, all client data has always been kept confidential and we already had good systems and controls in place. We saw GDPR as an opportunity to do a refresh of these systems and controls and put in place improvements based on latest technologies and best practice.


We started with a full risk assessment covering what data we hold, where it is held, questioning do we need to keep it, and also what are the risks of data being stolen, lost or shared inappropriately.


We’ve completed our risk assessment and will be revisiting it each year as well as updating it when we change suppliers or add new ones.


We’ve identified improvements some of which are already in place and others are being put in place over the coming months.


We’ve updated our old policies to be compliant with GDPR and you can read our latest Privacy Policy here: 


As an existing client we don’t need to ask you to opt into our emails as long as they are about areas such as:

  • The services we’re performing for you
  • Relevant information such as tax or accounting updates that are related to the services we’re performing for you
  • Pricing and invoicing for the services we’re doing for you
  • Very rarely inviting you to an event we host, such as our 10 year birthday party next year!


If we plan to do any marketing activities in the future we would of course contact you to ask you to opt into a mailing list at that point.


If you have any questions, please do get in contact with us.


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