(Last Updated On: 4th July 2014)

I wrote a post, what seems like a long time ago about choosing my website hosting provider.

You can read the original post Environmental Impact of Website Hosting here.

I’ve never had any problems with my provider EcoWebHosting and think the package I have is very competitive for what I get.

I’ve heard lots of people talking about green web hosting and for me it seems a no brainer – especially for smaller sites where the cost differential isn’t high compared to non green providers.

I wanted to share with you a recent article I was sent which can help you to migrate to a green host and gives you some more options of host providers to choose from:

Supporting Green Web Hosting.

You can also do a quick search and you’ll be able to find info on companies such as EcoHosting or AcornHost.

I’m excited to see there are a lot more options since I first explored green web hosting back in early 2010.  But remember as always to check their credentials before signing up.





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