(Last Updated On: 1st April 2010)

Setting up and running a business brings its own challenges, especially in the current economic climate.  Setting up and running a business which aims to be environmentally sustainable and ethically sound can add to these challenges.

What do I mean by environmentally sustainable and ethically sound?

As per www.askoxford.com, the word sustainable is an adjective to describe; “(of industry, development, or agriculture) avoiding depletion of natural resources”.

The word ethical is defined as, “morally correct”.

When going into business on my own, I wanted to make sure by doing so I wouldn’t have a negative impact on the environment.  Preferably, I would have a positive net impact on the environment and local community.  I wanted my business to be environmentally sustainable and ethically sound.

In the years leading up to launching Craker Business Solutions, I considered the qualities I wanted to govern my business by.  If the business was going to live by these qualities I wanted it to be accountable to them, and hence have developed a set of ethical and environmental policies which I have published on this website .

The accountant in me, wanted to ensure I have policies which are measurable, monitored and reported against on a regular basis.  Hence policy number 7, “To measure and report progress against these policies on a 6 monthly basis and generate actions to enable the business to continue on its journey to becoming sustainable”.  So expect to see my first report in August 2010 published on this website.

Policies 4 and 5 state:

“Craker Business solutions actively aims to engage with all types of business and will aim to add value by raising awareness of ethical and environmental issues which could impact a client’s business and help them to resolve such issues”.

“To engage with the wider community to raise awareness of ethical and environmental issues facing businesses and communities and to promote ethical and environmental causes”.

As part of my plan to meet these aims, I want to use this blog to illustrate my journey to developing an environmentally sustainable and ethically sound business.

Some have asked me, “Do I only provide services to businesses which are also environmentally sustainable and ethically sound”? The answer to this is; “No”.  By working with a variety of clients, who may or may not have a view on ethical and environmental concerns, I hope to share my knowledge to help them become environmentally sustainable and ethically sound if they choose to do so.

For clients who want to reduce their environmental impact and make ethically sound choices throughout their business and supply chain, I want to offer them the choice is discuss these issues with their accountant.

For clients to which this is new, I would hope as we get to know each other I can help to save you money and/or make money, whilst reducing your businesses environmental footprint.  I do not preach, but I aim to share knowledge so you can make the right choices for your business.

I aim to use this blog to share the lessons learnt and illustrate you don’t need to have mountains of capital (money) to reduce your environmental footprint and make ethically sound choices.  I hope to illustrate that in the long run by making small changes it may help make your business sustainable for current and future generations.

This is a journey I hope you will join me on.

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