(Last Updated On: 10th May 2012)

The Queen’s Speech on 9th May set out the Government’s legislative plans for this year.

The third line stated: “Legislation will be introduced to reduce burdens on business by repealing unnecessary legislation and to limit state inspection of businesses”.

Highlight’s with an Eco edge:

“My Government will introduce legislation to establish a Green Investment Bank.

My Government will propose reform of the electricity market to deliver secure, clean & affordable electricity & ensure prices are fair.

A draft Bill will be published to reform the water industry in England and Wales”.

Other highlight’s for SMEs:

“My Government will introduce legislation to establish an independent adjudicator to ensure supermarkets deal fairly & lawfully with suppliers.

My Government will bring forward measures to modernise the pension system & reform the state pension, creating a fair, simple and sustainable foundation for private saving”.

As small businesses we may feel we have little impact on legislation. However, by being part of organisations such as the Chamber of Commerce & FSB we have a stronger voice.

But you must share your concerns and ideas for change to happen.

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