(Last Updated On: 9th February 2012)

I’ve just updated our Ethical and Environmental Policies. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time and have finally applied what I’ve learned in the first 2 years of trading to make our policies more transparent and robust.

Please have a read and let me know your thoughts.

Back in October I attended a South East Business Carbon Hub; STEM: Blue Level workshop. I used that workshop as an opportunity to go back to basics and perform a Base Line Assessment of our business’s impact on the environment.

The workshop provided participants with a comprehensive checklist of different environmental aspects, their potential environmental impact and enabled us to rate each for severity, and likelihood. Based on this we were able to identify our most significant risk areas.

Craker Business Solutions’ most significant environmental risk areas are energy use, business travel, and office waste.

The workshop provided example environmental policies and we spent some time revising our existing policies. It also provided a check that we were complying with environmental legislation.

After completing this workshop I am proud to say Craker Business Solutions achieved the STEM: Blue Level, which illustrates our commitment to take Steps To Environmental Management (STEM). You can see us on the STEM registry.

The next level of certification is the Silver level which is awarded when a business has measured its carbon footprint and taken action to reduce it.  The business must also have identified resources, legal requirements, training and communication required to implement their environmental programme.

The Gold level is awarded to businesses who are measuring ad monitoring their environmental impacts and taking action to reduce them.  They will also have reported their progress on the South East Business Carbon Hub.I feel confident we are already doing all that is required to meet the Silver and Gold level, so we will need to allocate the time to work through the materials for the next levels. I’ll keep you posted on what we learn.

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